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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Sri Lankan swordsman sentenced to psychiatric custody

[b]Sri Lankan swordsman sentenced to psychiatric custody[/b]

By Lalith Ganhewa - Asian Tribune Bureau in Germany

[b]Berlin, 16 December, ([/b] The 25-year old Ranjitha Kumar a Tamil from Sri Lanka, who wreaked a blood bath with a ‘Samurai’ sword in a Tamil Methodist church located in Stuttgart, on the 3rd of last April was ordered to undergo treatment in a closed psychiatric hospital by a German court.

Prosecution, and the defence lawyers agreed that a long-term psychiatric custody was best for the Sri Lankan man.

The man was charged with the manslaughter of a 43-year-old woman and causing injuries to three others. Ranjitha Kumar, a Sri Lankan Tamil, aged 25, has said that he did what God voice has commanded him to do. He attacked the congregation with a ‘samurai’ sword in the city of Stuttgart, Germany.

"He does not grasp that he is sick," said the German prosecutor. "It may be that it will not be possible to release him until he is physically no longer capable of hurting other people."

A defence lawyer said that the immigrant was himself a victim of his disease. "When he is cured and understands what happened, it will have a terrible repercussion on him," he told.

The Judge Wolfgandg Hahn said, "we must protect the public against this man." He further said, "the man does not understand that he is sick, and there are chances that at any given time he might relapse. The court was convinced that he has committed the act under an "acute psychosomatic condition".

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