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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 80

Tamil Civilization – The Untold History

[b]Tamil Civilization – The Untold History[/b]

[b]Toronto 10 March, ([/b] Nonagenarian V.Navaratnam, a veteran Tamil leader, who was in a great way responsible for infusing 'Tamil Nationalism' in the hearts and minds of the Tamils, has come up with his latest book – "Tamil Civilization – The Untold History."

The book is an attempt to rediscover the antiquity of the Tamils' past, their origin and the untold story of the Eelam now buried in Iraq (Mesopotamia).

According to the author, the State of Elam with Susa as capital in Chaldea (Mesopotamia) was the cradle of Tamil Civilization, mother of all civilizations, which to this date has not only survived but also flourished. This historical fact, which has been ignored for reasons unknown by both, western and eastern scholars.

Navaratnam who authored earlier "The fall and rise of the Tamil nation" has touched on the hoary past of the Tamils and has notified that " … this is not the appropriate place to dwell at length on this aspect of history, which I hope to deal with more fully in another book I am working on."

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