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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Tamil MPs are irrelevant and they should resign for not.....

[b]Tamil MPs are irrelevant and they should resign for not acting against EU travel ban – V. Navaratnam[/b]

[b]Montreal, 18 October, ( [/b]Reacting to the EU travel ban on the LTTE, V. Navaratnam, the former Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchchi ( ITAK – Federal Party) MP, now residing in Canada, states that “the position of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MPs has become irrelevant in Parliamentary and diplomatic life in Colombo” they should “resign their seats in Parliament en bloc and get out of Colombo.”

He added: “It is the least that is expected of them by their electors, the Tamils, to show the resentment and anger of the people at the EU’s caving in to Colombo and appearing to stand behind South Ceylon in the latter’s genocidal activities against theTamils.”

Communicating this to a fellow Tamil in America he wrote: “I think it (the travel ban) is an instigated mischief that the European Union (EU) of 25 countries of the Western World has thought it fit to insult the Tamils by making a public declaration which is so derogatory of the Tamils as a people. They may claim that it is against the LTTE only. But the EU is well aware that in all negotiations concerning the Tamil problem, LTTE means the Tamils, and Tamils means the LTTE.

“For reasons best known to itself the EU declares that the LTTE (= Tamils) are no longer admissible into its member states. One is unable to think of the real reason behind this Declaration. The declared reason, namely violence and terrorism, cannot be the real reason because the EU’s current president, Britain, itself resorted to violence and terrorism to shoot and kill Pandaara Vannian from behind a hiding place and seize his kingdom and amalgamate it through Captain Colebrooke with the Singhalese South Ceylon. So the real reason must be different.

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