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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Tamil Tiger Air Force is in combat readiness to fight

[b]Tamil Tiger Air Force is in combat readiness to fight Sri Lanka armed forces[/b]

[b]Colombo, 11 January, ([/b] The Tamil Tiger Air force is ready to launch attacks on the Sri Lanka Government's armed forces, if Eelam War IV breaks out, warns Colonel Bravo Bahnu. This was the first time the Tamil rebel outfit openly admitted the prevalence of an Air force which was inducted as their another fighting unit.

A rural self-defence training and drill program to the villagers was launched yesterday at Eeralakulam village. Colonel Bahnu participated in the commencement of the village level training and disclosed about the Tamil rebel outfit’s Air Force which is ready for combat.

He told that not only the black Tigers - the suicide squad of the Tigers Navy, but also the Tamil Tigers Air force too is ready to fight against the Sri Lanka Armed force.

Colonel Bahnu, LTTE’s special Commander for the Amparai – Batticalaoa districts in his key note address appealed, "If in a case Sri Lanka Government impose a war on us, then no one of us should remain simply as a spectator, but every one of us should become active participants in the belligerent campaign against the Sri Lanka Government. "

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