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Tamilselvan tells TIME magazine that LTTE does not trust....

[b]Tamilselvan tells TIME magazine that LTTE does not trust Wickremesinghe and is not concerned about his election[/b]

In an interview with TIME magazine S. Paramu Tamilselvan has given the lie to the canard that the LTTE has reversed its decision and is urging the Tamils in the north and east to vote. Tamilselvan repeated its original decision that they are "not at all concerned about the election."
TIME: Who do you want to win the election?

Tamilselvan: We are not at all concerned about the election. Our experience of both parties is that if at all they speak of the Tamil national question, it is only because they want votes. Their performances after the elections are very dismal. A sense of apathy prevails. People are not bothered by the election or the outcome. They do not see any difference between the candidates.

Tamilselvan also told TIME that Wickremesinghe "does not keep his promise. If anyone is responsible for pushing the Tamil people to the fringe of frustration, it's unambiguously Ranil, because nothing was implemented."

Here is the full text of the TIME interview:

[b]Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005[/b]

While the leader of the Liberation Tamil Tiger of Eelam (L.T.T.E.), Vellupillai Prabhakaran, is almost never seen in public, the L.T.T.E.'s political head S.P. Tamilselvan an be more forthcoming. Tamilselvan spoke to TIME's Alex Perry through his interpreter at the group's headquarters in Killinochchi.

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