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Petty Politics: Fueling Fundamentalism

Political rivals in India are currently engaged in an intense battle over the rise of extremism and terrorism, hoping that their view on the subject will help them garner enough votes to capture (or retain) power in the next Lok Sabha polls. Thanks to the politically charged atmosphere of the last two years and the non-stop onslaught on the government, many believe the polls, otherwise due in early 2014, may be held before the end of 2013. This has forced the main combatants to raise the pitch and allow extremism and terrorism to intrude into the pre-poll narrative in the garb of the secular vs. communal debate.

diconary view

Friday Pilgrimage: Chidambaram Natarajar Temple

Even though the question of who is going to hold the famous Chidambaram Natarajar Temple's administration is hanging in Supreme Court, the glory of the shrine is remaining several hundred years.

Sri Lankan Celebrity: Dr. Ranasinghe, a pioneer in IT education and training field of the Country

Dr. Bandusena Ranasinghe mostly known as Dr. Bandu Ranasinghe who hails from Dondra (Devundara) in Matara is another proud product of University of Peradeniya. He is the Chairman or in other words founder of the IDM Group of Companies.

Maldives Matters: President Nasheed’s love-hate media relationship

Perhaps, there has never been a person who “courted” the media so much and stood up for their rights like Mohamed Nasheed, in the then opposition MDP. Clad in his party colour, yellow, none could fit in so well with the slogan shouting youngsters in the media, like he did.

Controversy Over Doctorate For Sarath Fonseka!

Honorary doctorates undoubtedly have created some intriguing controversy in Sri Lankan politics in the recent past. First it was a religious cum political scandal when Most Venerable Gangodawila Soma Thero went to Petersburg in Russia in December 2003 to receive an honorary doctorate from the so-called International University of Fundamental Studies.

US scheme of defending homeland security is childish

USA is the largest economic power of the world and strongest military power in human history. Its moral, political, and diplomatic strength which was at its peak till 9/11 has drastically eroded after the fateful event. Collapse of Soviet Union in 1991 had provided a great opportunity to USA to rule the world as a sole super power for the next 100 years.

Where Is Proof…?

For sheer tenacity and longevity this show has few parallels in the media in the country. Right from the day Mumbai was attacked by Pakistani terrorists on 26 November 2008 something or the other about it keeps cropping up both in the print and the electronic media. One thing that has become a regular, a must, on the television channels is a ‘debate’ which includes participants from across the border.

Threats from within and Spectres from the Past

During the Presidential election season, the hopes of Lankan democracy rest not on Mahinda Rajapakse or on Sarath Fonseka, but on Dayananda Dissanayake, the Election Commissioner. On nominations day the Election Commissioner demonstrated his determination to ensure that the Presidential election is as free and as fair as it is possible in the current context. He conducted the nomination process with a dignified impartiality that is in sharp contrast to the servile conduct of most public officials today.

Lalin’s Column: Tried by war; A just war –The Commander in Chief speaks - In case we have forgotten

“The insurgent leader does not attempt to deceive us. He offers us no excuse to deceive ourselves. Between him and us the issue is distinct, simple and inflexible. It is an issue which can only be settled by war and decided by victory”.

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