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Tens of thousands of dollars of tsunami fund sent to Tamil..

[b]Tens of thousands of dollars of tsunami fund sent to Tamil Tiger Terrorists – Sunday Telegraph, Sydney.[/b]

Our Sydney correspondent (Asian Tribune)

[b] Sydney, 12 September, (; [/b]Australian Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has announced that Australia’s new anti-terror laws will crackdown on charities channelling money to terrorist groups.

The widely circulated Sunday Telegraph said the Australian Federal Government fears that some tens of thousands of dollars of tsunami aid money has been passed on to Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger terrorist group. Mr Ruddock was quoted as saying that the federal government’s new counter terrorist plan would focus on getting cooperation from the state governments to crack down on the practice.

The Sunday Telegraph further said that it is understood that the Tamil Tigers are under close scrutiny in Australia. The Tamil Relief Organisation, a recognised charity, has been accused in the past of channelling aid money to terrorist groups, the paper said. TRO recently announced that it collected over one million dollars through its tsunami appeal. The Tamil Tiger terrorist group is banned in Australia but the Tamil Tigers operate in Australia through various front organisations disguised as Tamil cultural and civil society groups. These Tamil Tiger front organisations honour suicide bombers as martyrs and conduct public functions in Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities felicitating terrorists killed in their suicidal terrorist missions.

The Attorney-General’s announcement followed last week’s disclosure by the Prime Minister John Howard of major changes to strengthen Australia’s counter terrorism laws. The measures include restrictions on the movement of people considered a terrorist risk, overhauling of laws on financing terrorism and inciting terrorist attacks, remanding of terrorist suspects for up to 14 days without a court order, and powers to allow officials to stop and search. Under the new measures, waiting period for Australian citizenship is to be extended from the present two years to three years and citizenship can be denied on security grounds.

Mr Ruddock has said that the new laws are being drafted and will be presented to the Federal Parliament as priority legislation.

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