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Asian Tribune is published by World Institute For Asian Studies|Powered by WIAS Vol. 12 No. 2963

A Time to Change The world!!!

"Being a Sri Lankan citizen the devastation the Tsunami
brought upon the pepole of Sri Lankan is beyond words"

Even though I said the above and more more will before and after me
we must look at this as a tradegy that has befallan the entire world.
Their is a sliver lining in each drak cloud goes the famous saying and
amids all this grief sorrow and pain all of us has a lesson to learn as nations and as individuals.

Nations and sociaty reflect the nature and mood of the individual it
represents and we as humans believe that money and power will make us
supriem but the Tsunami has thought us that this is not the case the
power of nature is far suprior to us humans, after millons of years still
us human have not understand the earth we live in even though if venture
out to expole Mars and the Moon, all of us human no matter in where we
live in the the west or east, south or north share one land the earth begs us for unity and we humans have always found a away to divide ourself
through money through colour through religion the Tsunami has shown as that nature all as one the big mega structure and the mud hut has not diffrence in the end.

Its time to reflect on the living and our ways as individuals and communties and as nations that in the end all will be dust to dust
ashes to ashes, in sri lanka we fought for land for 20 years we fought for
road for fish and sea resourse nature gave it to us we fought for its
ownership, Tusanmi should us who owns it !!! nature.

There is a saying that people will wake up and think only when
something violet happen and it has and thoughs who cannot open their eyes now are as dead as can they be. Of the need to to unit and live in peace in this world.

Around 150,000 people have died and if for this 150,000 thousand 150
leaders and people could unite in the name of humanity the world
would be a better place and their deaths would not be invain.
But still we find amids this that people are selling the orphans for
money, collecting money for themself oh when will we the people wake
up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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