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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Time for a new LTTE leadership

[b]Time for a new LTTE leadership[/b]

Ravi Randeniya, a resident of Canada writes to Asian Tribune that Sinhalese will listen to a new Tamil leadership - not to Prabakaran and his cronies. He asserted that it is now time for a new LTTE leadership.

He further revealed that to achieve either Eelam or confederated Tamil self-rule by civilian, political, institutional means, Tamils must begin to question the leadership of Prabakaran just the same way one spirited Col. Karuna (Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharana) questioned the LTTE. It is time to change LTTE leadership.

The full text of Ravi Randeniya’s letter is given below:

Asian Tribune

Dear Editor

Time for a new LTTE leadership

Recently there were several exchange of letters by new Canadians P. Chandran and Makenthiran on Asoka Weerasinghe's sincere attempt to give a perspective that any reasonable jury would listen to very carefully. One element that was missing from both Chandran and Makenthiran was that they craftily ignore the suffering of fellow Tamils in Sri Lanka under LTTE while enjoying the full benefits and freedoms as Canadians.

The ludicrous of their contention that Tamils are subject to violent acts was first on par with South African Apartheid and then moved to equate Serbian genocide and ethnic cleansing. As Asoka clearly showed it was the LTTE that engaged in such acts that caused mass exodus of Sinhalese to the South form Tamil areas instead of seeking refugee status in economically wealthy nations in the West.

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