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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Time is running out for the Tamil Tigers in Canada

[b]Time is running out for the Tamil Tigers in Canada[/b]

[b]Toronto, 19 January, ( [/b]If the coming Canadian election on January 23 confirms the opinion polls that the Conservative Party will win, then the LTTE will be banned and Manickavasagam Suresh, the LTTE fundraiser who should have been expelled ten years ago, will be deported, according to the National Post, a leading paper in Toronto.

Stewart Bell, the journalist who authored the book "Snow Tigers" exposing the terrorist activities of the LTTE agents in Canada, quoted the deputy leader of the Conservative Party, Peter MacKay, in the National Post date 18 January, as saying: "The short answer is yes," he said when asked by the National Post if the Tamil Tigers would be listed if the government changed on Monday. "We would list them."

The Sri Lankan community is deeply divided in Canada with the majority of the Sinhalese campaigning against the Paul Martin's Liberal government and the majority of the Tamils working against the Conservatives. Paul Martin's government has not only trotted out excuse after excuse for not banning the Tigers, despite intelligence units recommending the ban, but also participated in fund-raising activities of the LTTE which is a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1373 which prohibits member nations to ban such activities.

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