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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Toshiba-Ogikai : Toshiba cheats United Nations.

Toshiba Corp, Japan is abnornally atrocious from long before.
On May 1, 2005, Setsuo Imai's Toshiba communist laborer group "Association of Toshiba Workers for Defending Human Rights and Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination" site (including English statements) at said they will go to UN Global Compact Head office, NY, USA to appeal Toshiba Corp's Toshiba-Ogikai crime. But the homepage cheekly doesn't say the Toshiba's motive was "300 million yen" Affair by old Toshiba Fuchu communist laborers. (I called Imai's Toshiba communist laborer group "Toshiba Accuser Union against Discrimination of Salary" and Toshiba's secret corporate police "Toshiba OogiKai" until Imai's group named them in English.)
Now Toshiba Corp and Toshiba laborers cheat and join UN "The Global Compact".

Toshiba Corp had Corporate Secret Police "Toshiba-Ogikai" to watch and dominate employees. Toshiba-OgiKai listed and reported 500 or more remarkable employees, tracing and staking out them. Toshiba-Ogikai even disturbed their job and alterred their personal data to fire them.
Labor Division of Toshiba Head Office organized Toshiba-Ogikai in 1969 to dominate employees and Toshiba Head Office standardized Toshiba-Ogikai for every offices in Japan in fall of 1973. Toshiba-Ogikai had 1,800 members in Apr 1974 and 2,500 in 1984. So many Toshiba Labor Union Tops are from Toshiba-Ogikai. The one of the tops of Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union (JEIU), Katsutoshi Suzuki who got employed in Toshiba Komukai Factory in 1957 is the one.

Toshiba-Ogikai has been explained as a report by Journalist Satoshi Kamata with Mr. Hitoshi Ueno, a researcher and Mr. Tetsuji Matsuno, an engineer of Electric Power System Dev. (at Toshiba Fuchu Factory) of Setsuo Imai's Toshiba communist laborer group "Association of Toshiba Workers for Defending Human Rights and Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination" in Weekly Journal "Kinyobi" on May 12, 1995 in Japanese at
The paper which Imai's Toshiba communist laborer group handed out to passengers at the exit for Toshiba Head Office Building of Hamamatsu-Cho station on Toshiba Stockholder Conference day in Jun 2000, emphasized 8 employees hired from security police were Toshiba-Ogikai members with their names.
The Local Labour Relations Commission of Kanagawa Prefectural Government, Japan investigated that for 5 years from 1995.
With Toshiba communist laborer group "Association of Toshiba Workers for Defending Human Rights and Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination" (, the chairperson is Mr. Setsuo Imai and all is 90 persons and the head office is at 2-225 Tsukakoshi Saiwai-Ku Kawasaki-Shi Kanagawa, Japan, 212-0024.

Toshiba Executive Takeshi Iida has admitted the existence of Corporate Secret Police "Toshiba-Ogikai" at Toshiba Stockholder Conference on Jun 26, 2002, according to the homepage of ELIC (Electric Labor and Industry Correspondence), only in Japanese, at
ELIC leaders are Mr. Syunichi Miyazaki of Hitachi Labor Union, Mr. Morio Nakayama of Oki Labor Union and Mr. Setsuo Imai of Toshiba Labor Union and the head office (a house) is at 3-2-20 Mita Minato-Ku Tokyo, Japan, 108-0073.
(On Mar 28, 2005 Setsuo Imai, 60 to 70 years old, lied to me that the other party, not they, gave strangers their papers on 2001's Toshiba Stockholder Conference day. Morio Nakayama, 70 to 75 years old, was a good man when I met him on Apr 20, 2005.)

I believe Toshiba-Ogikai member list is true with no doubt. But rather, the members were originally spies on police from Toshiba Corp sent them in secret to prepare the future problem with the most troublesome Toshiba Labor Union. And I believe true prime Toshiba-Ogikai members were players with muscular strength of Toshiba Fuchu Rugby Club, Toshiba Baseball Club and Toshiba Fuchu Baseball Club. At least, so are current Toshiba-Ogikai prime members. Especially, the rugby club is historically any status as Toshiba elite because Chair Taizo Nishimuro, President Tadashi Okamura, some executives and scientists joined it.
I have felt that spies on police from Toshiba exists now from my some case. I want to investigate whether the members joined police straight without the intermediate career.
Toshiba employees tend to put the blame on police.
In famous "Toshiba Call Center Worker's Abusive word to Customer Akky and Akky's Homepage for Claim to Toshiba Corp" Affair (in 1999), Toshiba Corp and Toshiba Labor Union announced together that the worker was an employee from police. However the worker was a real formerly corporate baseball club player of Toshiba Corp, I heard as an insider or Toshiba Kantoh Information System (KIS) employee.

It was so earlier in 2003 that Toshiba Corp instituted CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Office or joined United Nations Procurement Division "The Global Compact" as operation for its own stock value. Nevertheless, Toshiba never admits its own mistakes "300 million yen" Affair unsolved and Toshiba-Ogikai positively.

In Oct 2004, "Association of Toshiba Workers for Defending Human Rights and Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination" homepage at (formerly, expressed Toshiba Corp (Japan) moved and now moves Corporate Secret Police Toshiba-Ogikai to dominate employees but they express Toshiba-Ogikai started in unclearly 60's not in 1969 or the next year of "300 Million Yen" Affair unsolved (on Dec 10, 1968). They didn't do it before.
At Toshiba Stockholder Conference on Jun 25, 2004, Toshiba (Komukai Factory) laborers Shimono and Sada (or Tadashi) Honda said they had a proof that now Toshiba-Ogikai makes the schedule of this year and they questioned "Does Toshiba-Ogikai exist now ?". The Toshiba Executives Takeshi Iida and Yasuo Morimoto answered "We don't need to answer your question because Toshiba-Ogikai was an unathorized group and we heard Toshiba-Ogikai was gone about 10 years ago."
(Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union (JEIU), a big labor union, maybe doesn't admit Toshiba-Ogikai as Toshiba side. On Apr 20, 2005 an member Kazuteru (or Kazuki) Nakamura, 45 to 50 years old, said to me that he didn't believe Toshiba Corp spied on the other companies. And he didn't know science technology "Mind-control" and he didn't believe Toshiba's Mind-control abuse to me.)

On Nov 30, 2004, Central Labour Relations Commission of the Ministry of Labor, Japan admitted the accusation by 10 members of Imai's Toshiba communist laborer group "Association of Toshiba Workers for Defending Human Rights and Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination" and ordered Toshiba Corp to compensate. Still now Toshiba Corp refused it.
The laborers also aren't honest. In Dec 2004 the site of Imai's Toshiba communist laborer group at emphasizes "Toshiba President Toshio Dokou was from Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries, Ltd (IHI) and instituted Toshiba-Ogikai". The site doesn't explain Toshiba Head instituted Toshiba-Ogikai in 1969 originally for "300 million yen" Affair unsolved (by Toshiba Fuchu Factory laborers) on Dec 10, 1968. Toshiba laborers express IHI worker's personality was problem. But I believe that Toshiba President Toshio Dokou was really a Toshiba spy returned from Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries, Ltd (IHI) and that Toshiba labor Union has known it.

5 policemen tapped communist political party executive Yasuo Ogata. The affair was opened on Nov 27, 1986. The policemen used Toshiba employee Masahiko Takita's home and Toshiba employee Kouhachi Shida touched the affair. A policeman was Mr. Norimoto Takita who is an Masahiko Takita's father and Shida's younger co-worker in Shida's police days. Although he published a book about the affair on Oct 10, 1987, unnaturally Mr. Ogata didn't blame Toshiba Corp at all in the book. Far from it, he supported Toshiba and the labor union in Toshiba's COCOM Affair, closed up in 1987, and Toshiba laborers' Matsukawa Affair (Aug 17, 1949) intentionally in the book. It was the same as Toshiba laborers don't want to ruin Toshiba Corp. (I believe Mr. Ogata, a Sangiin member, was very close to Toshiba laborers or crazy communists therefore he was tapped by Toshiba head and police. Mr. Ogata maybe may be a secret Toshiba laborer.)
15 policemen and 2 Toshiba employees, all from head to toe, touched the affair. I suspect most of the policemen as Toshiba spies on police. (Toshiba Labor Union doesn't state it.)

Toshiba Corp is just North Korea. So evil, we as the ordinary can't believe modern Japan had Toshiba-Ogikai fact.

by Seitaro Kanamaru, a Japanese
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I am an Mind-Control Victim by Toshiba Corp since 1997.
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