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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Toshiba's Malfeasance in TEPCO

Toshiba Corp announced it made false data for TEPCO's Nuclear Plant Fukushima phase I unit 6 only in Japanese Press Releases, Jan 31, 2006,
(I knew it from Nihonkeizai Shimbun ??????, Feb 1, 2006, and I wrote this without English translation in my thread "USA really doesn't know the reason ?",
[color=blue]Rough translation - When Toshiba Corp replaced meters supplied water for reactor ????? at TEPCO's Nuclear Plant Fukushima phase I unit 6 in 1993, about the equipments Toshiba Corp altered examination data for TEPCO's standard data. In Sep 2005 TEPCO ordered Toshiba Corp to confirm that and in Nov 2005 Toshiba Corp was heard the fact from 2 persons of Toshiba's nuclear power design section.
But Toshiba Corp says the equipments are safty and Toshiba Corp doesn't do the same in other plants. From Dec 2005 Toshiba Corp orders a 3rd company to check the examination about meters supplied water for reactor ?????.[/color]

[color=blue]Nihonkeizai Shimbun ??????, Feb 11, 2006 - On Feb 9, 2006, Toshiba Corp found it altered examination data of 2 meters supplied water for reactor ????? and 1 meter recycled water from turbine ????? for TEPCO's Nuclear Plant Kashiwazaki-Kariwa unit 7. On Feb 10, 2006, an nuclear security office of Economic and Industry Ministry ?????????????? suspected Toshiba's same malfeasance also in TEPCO's Nuclear Plant Kashiwazaki-Kariwa unit 7 and went for an on-the-spot inspection to Toshiba Keihin Office ???????.
(Toshiba Corp reported) 2 persons of Toshiba's nuclear power design section and another one would touch case TEPCO's Nuclear Plant Fukushima phase I unit 6.
(Toshiba Corp or the nuclear security office ?????????????? reported ?) the same equipments are used in 6 plants of TEPCO ???? and Tohoku Electric Power Company ????.[/color]

It is very intentionally late. Toshiba Corp should open it in 2002. 2002 TEPCO's scandal began from many breaks of Fukushima phase I unit 3 by Toshiba Corp on Aug 23, 2002.

Toshiba Corp wants to show USA its own honesty in this safty case to buy Westinghouse. It is very intentionally. If it isn't so, Toshiba persons will break Japan's nuclear power plants from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd and Hitachi Ltd by usual microwave terrorism to dilute Toshiba's malfeasance. (For once I want to stop Toshiba's terrorism.)

[b][color=red]Morbid liars is more seriously risky than unskillful persons.[/color][/b] More serious another's failure always comes after Toshiba's failure.

[i]In my case, the criminals mainly are Tomohiro Takahashi ???? and Shigeru Ootsuka ??? of Toshiba General Affairs Division and Kiichi Ogata ?????? and Toshihiro Sawaoka ?????? (an employee of DVD trading section) of Toshiba IEG Division. They worked as Toshiba-Ogikai member for Taizo Nishimuro ????, Toshiba President in Apr 1999. Cowardly Toshiba persons perfectly interrupt my e-mailing on and my accessing to US Senator homepages from Dec 23, 2005. Although I think I go to Washington DC to be rescued from Toshiba's crime mind-control-abuse in Mar 2006.
I still can't open my e-mail box at for snake Toshiba's interruption from Dec 23, 2005. It is for Nishida's order, I believe. Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida ???? mind-control-drives yen cheaper and oil higher and will mind-control-sell HD DVD hard and soft, SED TV set and nuclear power equipments.
(Toshiba executive who talked me, a stranger, on a day in Jul 1998 (after a day in Nov 1997) is Tadashi Okamura ???, not Nishimuro nor Nishida.)[/i]

Toshiba's malfeasance is disclosed also in 2006. In Aug 2005, I reported another "Toshiba's Malfeasance in TEPCO, again", or

by Seitaro Kanamaru ?????, a Japanese
[i]I am an Mind-Control Victim by Toshiba Corp since 1997.
(My face is at
* My site in Japanese[/i]

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