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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

TRO recruits Tamil youth abroad and ships them to Vanni

[b]TRO recruits Tamil youth abroad and ships them to Vanni[/b]

Expatriate Tamil youth who volunteered to work for the tsunami victims in the Vanni have returned with tales of being introduced to (1) Prabhakaran and (2) to arms and ammunition during their short stay. They were recruited by the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) – a front organisation of the LTTE set up collect monies from the Tamil expatriates. The sympathetic youth volunteers were enticed by the TRO agents abroad and shipped to Vanni in the aftermath of tsunami. The youth initially considered this an adventure or a fun thing. But they have come back home with unexpected experiences.

This is the first time that the TRO had branched out to recruit Tamil youth abroad. These youth were recruited from Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. They rushed to raise funds in their respective countries in the wake of tsunami. The emotionally charged youth were easy targets for the TRO agents to lead them on to work in Vanni. Once they were there they were conducted on guided tours and introduced to Prabhakaran. After some subtle and systematic indoctrination they volunteered to be trained in handling grenades, AK 47s and other arms.

Parents of these children are now alarmed about these revelations. Relatives are concerned that the LTTE will use them to form cells to carry out illegal activities in their domiciled countries.

One mother who got wind of what was going on rushed to Vanni to claim her child. Castro, the wheel-chair bound chief of expatriates, told her off and chased her away. But she persisted with a known LTTE apparatchik and got her child out.

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