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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Tsunami was a wake up call for Sri Lanka - Prof Tissa Vitara

[b]Tsunami was a wake up call for Sri Lanka - Prof Tissa Vitarana
By Mendaka Abeysekera - Reporting from Beijing[/b]

[b]Beijing, 01 October, ( [/b]Sri Lanka's mechanisms for early warning and detection of natural hazards are being established, but there are many gaps that need to be filled, said Prof.Tissa Vitarana, Minister of Science and Technology, on Thursday, at the Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction held in Beijing.

The Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction held in Beijing from 27-29 September, where more than 450 representatives from 42 countries in Asian-Pacific region and 13 international organizations attended the three day meeting, aiming to share experience of Asian countries disaster control, specifying the priority areas of disaster reduction and promoting regional cooperation in the field.

"Sri Lanka lacks of seismographs, automatic weather gages, tide gages etc. and the trained personnel. The mechanisms for conveying an early warning to reach all the people at risk and their education to respond appropriately also needs to be properly established" Prof Tissa Vitarana said.

Referring to Tsunami catastrophe of 26th December 2004, Sri Lankan Science and Technology Minister said that country lacked an effective disaster management system and was totally unprepared to meet the Tsunami.

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