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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

Turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones

[b]Turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones[/b]

Mithrasena Liyanage – Kuwait

Another election is round the corner and a lot of opinion is expressed by the runners to the race, general public, sections of the clergy, business community, the international players and various other interest groups about the challenges that the country is faced with and various remedies available to take the nation out of thismorass.

What is obvious is the fact that the diagnosis and course of remedy advocated by each proponent signifies nothing but their political allegiance than the desire to view the problems in their right perspective and to develop a consensual approach to tackle the burning issues.

While the unitary nature of the country is the bugbear of the person who is at the helm of the incumbent presidency and the opposition leader who is vying for the throne, the common man is saddled with the impossible task of finding solutions to the fundamental issues such as hunger, poverty and unemployment. Some view the forthcoming presidential election as a battle between the patriotic forces and others who are opposed to the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the nation. Both these groups are working overtime to entice the voter together with a plethora of election promises to secure their electoral victory.

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