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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

Understanding conflicts Religion Prabhatism

Understanding conflicts Religion Prabhatism
[b]Bahavath Geetha[/b]

Our supremo gives new definition for pottu. Our Master Ideologist and our Supremo are creating new religion.

First our enemy
1) Three Organisations are immediate threat to the liberation.
2) Next immediate threat was educated, high cast & who can challenge them. ( GAs, AGAs, MPs, Majors -----------------)

3)India, after Buddha (Anuradhapura), then Muslim (Jaffna) Who is Cristian? Until we will get UN recognition, we left them in their way. The Great Mathematicians and Olympians from Greek. Now who is ruling the world? English. English won the war; and they owned all that wellbeing's. Our fisherman devotees are integrated into the Christianity in all the corner & all around the world.

When we will get the recognition, we will achieve our gaol. Now nobody come into the Vanni. Remember what happened to the SLMM. There are no Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus & Christians in our Tamil Eelam. There will be Tamil Tigers only. Peoples are Tigers; and Tigers are peoples.

Religion will be [b]Prabhatism[/b]; and the Lord will be Master Bala, and the God will be Prabha. It will be ``[b]Prabha Oosai[/b].``( [u][b]like Bahavath Geetha[/b][/u]) There will be no cast, no religion all the people will live in peace and Harmonie. Our fisherman devotees who are integrated into the Christianity will take the lead around the world; and they will teach the Prabha Oosai.

We will have our devotees in 53 clasical languages; and It will be stronger than Christianity. World leaders were Greeks, now English & soon Tamils.

Even Heads of States of various countries are silent on this issue. Why Asiantribune is worried about Muslim, Buddhist & Hindus? We will soon take control over the Christianity.

`` Pro-LTTE Bishop Jebanesan thrown out by young Church delegates in Jaffna. `` Asiantribune

``LTTE And Churches Protect Each Other`` Asiantribune 2005-03-28

``The seeds of dissension sown by Chelvanayakam saw his political descendants blow up the Sacred Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, massacring Muslim praying in Kathakudy in the East, shooting in broad daylight a Japanese Buddhist monk who went on a mission of peace in the north, spraying bullets on Buddhist pilgrims at the Sacred Bo Tree in Anuradhapura and … the list is unending. But his political children dared not touch the Christians. They are too powerful and the backlash against them would be too hard to bear. `` Asiantribune

Do not worrie, Christians will be soon.

Yogi: 1987 May day Speech.
``Even we loose 35 laks Tamils, we will achieves our gaol Tamil Eelam.`` (Broken Palmara)

We will use the others, and we will never let them to use us.

Deepavali is going to be Nov, 26 & 27. Nov 26 is pray to God Prabha, and Nov 27 is to pay the respect to the heroes and peoples.

Buddha never said, He is God.
Jesus never said, He is God.
People made them God. According to Natkeeran 23 Feb, 2005 Soorian web.
Prabha never said, He is God.

We have no problem with revolution, but we do not know the evolution. It`s OK, we have our ``Pottu Style``.

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