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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Vanakam Fable and the Sinhalese helping hands.

[b]Vanakam Fable and the Sinhalese helping hands.[/b]

About this July 1983 horror story, what has not been said, or not been played out, were how thousands and thousands of Sinhalese families took into their homes Tamil families who were in harms way during the riots. They sheltered them, fed them and took good care of them for days and weeks, risking their own lives. My family took in three Tamil families in the heart of Colombo.

In a letter addressed to Asian Tribune Asoka Weerasinghe pointed out how the thousands of Sinhalese families safeguarded the Tamils during the 1983 holocaust

The Editor
Asian Tribune


S. Santhirasegara has pointed out that K.V. Nadarajah who was an elected Member of Parliament for Bandarawela, a predominantly Sinhalese electorate in 1947, too was subjected to the 1983 bashing when his house was burnt to the ground by the angry Sinhalese goons. And he pooh, poohs my statement that, “Well the Sinhalese are not all that mean nor are they petty or perverse, as what the separatist Tamils want the world to believe.”

No one should gawk or crow at the horror story of the 1983 ethnic riots which has left a black mark in Sri Lanka’s history. Then, I am also a believer of the cosmic law of “Cause and Effect”. This horror story was the end of Act 1 of Sri Lanka’s Ethnic Crisis, when the Sinhalese had been provoked umpteen number of times since the early 1970s, with killings, terrorizing and ethnic cleansing by the Tamil separatists, and the penultimate plot in this storyline that ended Act 1, with the riots was the ambush-killing of the 13 Sinhalese soldiers at Trinneveli on July 23 1983. The Tamil separatists and their sympathizers have to take their share of the blame of these riots, as their palms are still dripping with Sinhala blood.

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