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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 110

Who is going to be next ``Nelson Mandela or Rajive Candi``?

[b]Who is going to be next ``Nelson Mandela or Rajive Candi``?[/b]

Canadian NDP Leader Mr.Jack Layton went to Pongu Tamil; and on his speech he compared Mr.Veluppilai Prabhakaran with Mr.Nelson Mandela. NDP and Liberal have many common goals, present prime minister Mr. Paul Martin went for the dinner, it was arranged by Tamil diaspora at that time he was finance minister.

Mr. Nelson Mandela was in prison for 25 yrs. What the lesson we can learn from this comparison? Mr.V.Prabhakaran has to accept the former prime minister Rajive Candi`s assassination; and then Tamil will have respectful solution.

When the visiting Canadian Prime Minister met the TNA parliamentarians and officials of the Coalition Government in Colombo,he might urged, the long-standing ethnic problem in the country will be solved completely if the inspirations and expectations of the all ethnic groups are fulfilled. Then he went to India and gave some opinion to deal with the rebel outfit.

Who was ordered the assassinating?
Mr.Veluppilai Prabhakaran or Mr.Sivasangaramoorthi Pottuamman or Mr. Anton Balasingham.or three of them were responsible. If three of them accept, they will divide the prison term. Each will have 8 yrs. The best way theoretician Mr.Anton Balasingam accept alone. What he is going to do out side?

Date : 2005-03-09

Jeyadevan held incommunicado in a torture cell in Vanni: Finger pointing begins towards Anton Balasingham- Asian Tribune
Jeydevan arrived in London after tasting LTTE’s treatment.
Subsequent to the news report in the Asian Tribune, British Commonwealth and Foreign office summoned Anton Balasingham and told him very clearly that Jayedevan must be released immediately.
Balsingham understood the tone and tenor of the officials in the foreign office and called Vanni and requested the immediate release of Jayadevan.
On the request of Anton Balsingham Jeydevan was released after holding him in a torture chamber for 61 days.
- Asian Tribune -
So Mr. Anton Balasingam was ordered to release Mr.Jeyadevan. He has the real leadership power but he is hiding behind the Mr. Prabakaran.
Britain has acknowledged that the LTTE owning an aircraft is a very dangerous development and a matter of grave concern. British Foreign Secretary , Jack Straw told his Sri Lankan counterpart Foreign Minister , Lakshman Kadirgamar when he met him in London that the British government understood the danger of an unauthorised aircraft in the hands of a non state party in the dangerous context of terrorism today.
By Bandula Jayasekara in London 15 March 2005

It is reported that five top tiger leaders of Wanni tiger organization are receiving treatment in a leading private hospital in Colombo.
The three of them who were brought down in an Air Force helicopter stayed in Holiday Inn Hotel for three days and got themselves admitted to Apollo Hospital for treatment.
They have been taking treatment for three days and three Indian specialist doctors have been treating them say our sources.
The five top rung leaders of the Wanni tiger organization are being given special security in the hospital add our sources. 16/03/2005
What type of treatment they have been taking for three days? Some type of negotiation is going behind the wall. CWC was reconsidering the unconditional support couple of weeks ago. It was the technique of silencing the coalition parties.
So what would be the deal within the Tamils ,Muslims, Sinhalese, India & International community.
Will Mr.V.Prabhakaran accept other than Tamil Eelam?
London based ardent LTTE supporter - Jeyadeva detained by the Vanni leadership
Political observers believe that this is a good lesson for the intellectuals who support the LTTE abroad. No matter who you are if you happen to fall out with the wrong person within the LTTE, neither your service nor your deeds matter to the LTTE. They just blindly do what they usually do, threatening with violence and even killing, ignoring even the fact that you are their ardent supporter. Pirabaharan has no value for the support of these kind of people, so the so called intellectuals abroad who are ignorantly supporting the LTTE without questioning the LTTE’s motives should think twice before going to see the Vanni hierarchy in future. Not everyone would be lucky like Jeyadeva!
someone like GERMANY`s - Hitler 1940s ,USSR`s -Stalin 1950s, UGANDA`s - Edie amine & IRAQ`s - Saddam, can be changed to the democratic path? They cannot sleep with out a gun.
Edie Amine-----Exile
You see the descending pattern
Next one ------ bagged for life?
Air India bombing trail found not guilty!!
Who would be next Rajive Candi? Mr.Tony Blair, Mr.Manmohan Singh, Mr.Kofi Annan, Mr.Erik Solheim, Ms.Sonia Gandi, Mr.Vidar Helgesen, Mr.Jan Petersen, Ms. Hilde F. Johnson, Ms. Lisa Golden or Mr.Paul Martin.
Who knows!!!!!!

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