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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

Why the Tamils are leaving areas controlled by the LTTE.....

[b]Why the Tamils are leaving areas controlled by the LTTE to non-LTTE areas?[/b]

Why the Tamils are leaving areas controlled by the LTTE, if life in non-LTTE areas is so fraught with danger for Tamils? Ms.Ira de Silva poses this question. She further writes the fact is that they are able to live and work without fear as well as travel without restriction and get away from abduction, extortion, intimidation and repression.

Ira de Silva slam Makenthiran for to have conveniently forgotten to list the lamp-post killings, assassinations of rival political leaders as well as the fact that in the case of the LTTE, they raped and then killed Sinhalese men and women, not to forget crushing the heads of infants when they raided villages to drive out people so that the LTTE and it's supporters can call these areas their "homeland".

The full text of the letter written by Ira de Silva is given below:

The Editor
Asian Tribune

Dear Sir:

Permit me to respond to some of the latest "efforts" by Mr. Makenthiran, namely the Sri Lanka Presidential Elections and the Causes for the Tamil Exodus.

Regarding the Sri Lanka presidential elections, he does not clarify why he considers those opposed to the UNP leader as extremists. He states that Mr. Wickremesinghe is going to get tremendous support from the Tamils of the north and east. Also, Makenthiran seems to support the candidacy of the UNP leader.

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