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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Will Sri Lanka Government fall into LTTE's trap by launching

[b]Will Sri Lanka Government fall into LTTE's trap by launching Eelam War IV?[/b]

[b]Colombo, 07 January, ( [/b]The fragile peace that has prevailed so far in Sri Lanka is now on verge of collapsing. According to the fever pitched tense situation prevailing after the sinking of the Sri Lanka Naval craft this morning off the coast of Trincomalee, it is highly doubtful whether Government of Sri Lanka and the armed forces would continue to exercise restraint any further.

It is now up to the Government of Sri Lanka to accept the challenge posed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam since the beginning of December 2005.

If in case Government of Sri Lanka retaliate with the bugle cry for a military campaign against the Tamil Tigers, that would amount to the Government falling head-on into the trap laid by the Tamil Tiger terrorists outfit.

This is what Velupillai Prabakaran is aiming at as declared in his speech on 27 November 2005. He said that he would give some time for the new government to respond to their demands but he has launched his Eelam War IV without declaring it as a war.

He is provoking the Sri Lankan forces to launch an attack on him in the hope of putting the blame on the Sri Lankan Government for breaking the Ceasefire Agreement that came with international guarantees of peace.

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