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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

You are from a 'privileged minority' and I from the........

[b]You are from a 'privileged minority' and I from the 'wrong majority’[/b]

“Right now, it is the Tamils who are mainly getting killed by the Tamil Tigers. It is easy for me to say, "Good, go after your bloody Tamils and keep killing your own people.", but I will not. I am saddened by the whole brutal skullduggery and terrorism by the Tamil Tigers, who target the Tamils, their own flesh and blood. That is sick, ” Asoka Weerasinghe from Canada writes.

He underlines in a letter written to “Asian Tribune” that the Jaffna man and woman are now begun to realize that this is not what they bargained for in the Eelam campaign

The Editor
Asian Tribune


When Makenthiran tries to classify opposing Tamil terrorists and the armed forces as good guys and bad guys, then he begins to loose it and it becomes a mugs shell game. A wanton war forced by the Tamil Tigers with no rules and little pity is turning the Sri Lankan world, bit by bit, into a free fire-zone.

Makenthiran thinks that " the Tamil Tigers carried out some daring attacks against the army and police and the Sinhalese began to fear and respect them.

The young Tamils are a new breed of angry and fearless youth." No kidding!

Isn't Makenthiran angry at these youth who have started killing his own people, extorted cash and jewellery, kidnapped Tsunami orphaned Tamil children and trained them as cyanide-necklace suicide bombers, and shot and killed Tamils if they do not agree with their demands.

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