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Conflict Resolution
– Understanding conflicts – Types of conflict – Alternative dispute resolution processes (Intermediary roles, negotiation, mediation and adjudication) – Peace process (Peaceful change strategies, international violent prevention, peacemaking, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, democracy, transformation, empowerment and reconciliation)
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by manaram
– A government by the people for the people and to the people – A constitution – Election of public offcials conducted in a free and just manner – Right to vote and to stand for election – Freedom of expression – Freedom of press – Freedom of association – Equality before law – Citizens inform of their rights and legal responsibilities
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Discussions – Postings in Asian Tribune
Discuss the postings in Asian Tribune
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by 1/LTTE
Fight against terrorism
– World without war – Violents and destructions – State and terrorist orchestrated – Fight against national and international terrorists, terrorist groups and terrorist organisations
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by 1/LTTE
Good Governance
– Participatory – Consensus oriented – Accountablity – Transparent – Responsive – Effective and efficient – Equitable and inclusive – Follows the rule of law
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by otrwas
Human Rights
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by suveni
Rule of Law
– Establishing respect for internationally recognized human rights as a fundamental manifestation of the rule of law. -Rule of law within the national political systems. – Promote and independent judiciary – No one is above the law.
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Tsunami – Asia Messages
Messages from friends and to friends – Messages from kith & kin – Messages from countrymen – Messages from those who wishes to volunteer their services – Messages from authorities and officials